To my 'anonymous' gift giver

Thank you very much for the gift of a bag of coal! I'd use it to warm myself up, but I've already got something a little more intimate planned. Oh, and coal is quite an asset. Especially when compressed in very tight spaces for long periods of time - being buried like within the backsides of some uptight people I know .This is the stuff of which diamonds are made.

More sparkelies for my sidekick can only be a good thing! *grin*
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For the unexpected generosity

My thanks and that of my secretary goes out to the kind soul (You know who you are!) who paid for 6 months of extra time for me here on Livejournal. I guess I better live up to my secret agent status and start posting something for you all to read!
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realm_of_boukun - Confrontation

"It doesn't fucking matter how I know, just suffice it to say that I do, your Maj."Sands' voice was even, almost lilting in its delivery, but inside he was anything but. His was a rage barely contained had nearly eaten its way through him on the transporter flight from Boukun to Fortuna. He'd rehearsed in his head a million times what he was going to say to the Queen of Fortuna. Now his plans, all of them - were now blown sky high.

The private audience that he had insisted upon her was, much to his surprise, not only granted but interestingly without that one-eyed husband of hers. Usually the Fortunan Queen was seen with him, surrounded by some sort of Unseelie guard that were stranger creatures than even the CIA could have conjured up, or worse, that grouchy Security Chief he encountered the last time he was on this disgustingly pristine world. And now she looked at him as if she had been expecting the visit all the while. Collapse )

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makeyourlist 74.2 Make a list of glfriends possibilities.

  • Scarlett Johansen -overrated, tired..nah
  • Mab (definitely on my top ten list of hotties!)
  • Ziya Ali (Ill watch you, baby!)
  • Angelina Joli Hot, but let's face it, sweets; you're nuts and you have way too many kids.
  • Frances de Rochefort On second thought, love, your husband is a scary bastard. Too risky.
  • Jocelyn de Rochefort Same scary bastard. Already lost the eyes, don't want to lose the balls, merci bocoup.
  • Cody Jean Lane Gorgeous, dangerous, but waayyy too much testosterone following her around. Fathers...sons....
  • Roma Lane Hsu - Now, that's a very serious possibility. As I told her, don't neccessarily want to be the first, just want...yeah..
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    makeyourlist (application post) 60.11 - Make a list of your favorite things to see.

    1. Setting up the pins and watching them fall.
    2. Watching ridiculous little fuckmooks get tangled up in their own little webs.
    3 Watching El take out a whole room full of guys from the Barillo Cartel all by himself.
    4. Seeing the look of surprise on the face of the cook that I just shot in the chest for making his puerco pibil just too good.
    6. The original Broadway cast of 'Dreamgirls' on tour in Mexico City.
    6. I think I'll just plead the 5th on that one.
    7. Agent Ajedrez cleaning her gun....although I'd much rather that if she did mine.
    best interests

    writers_muses 56.2. I

    "I'm just looking for an angel with a broken wing." - Jimmy Page

    “Well, let’s put it this way, Aisha,” Sands blew his smoke upwards to avoid it getting in her face, “You can either co-operate with the Federal Government in helping us go after your family, and the other associates you have been connected with, or we can just take your pretty little ass down to Guantanamo Bay for questioning, where you will be detained indefnitely. “

    Aisha stared at her fingertips and did not look at Agent Sands directly.

    “Never mind that a lot of people connected to your father, and to Hafiz will be very interested that you are there,” he continued, and then shrugged with resignation, “and they’ve already tried to kill you once, Aisha. Do you think that you would be guaranteed any sort of protection? You won’t even have legal representation. “

    “It’s not like I have anyone representing me now. You men are all alike. First my father, then Hafiz, then Nikos....now Uncle Sam. What the fuck difference does it make?”

    “My.... such language from such a pristine young lady,” Agent Sands clucked. Reaching into a folder he brought out a CD ROM disk, “but then again, maybe you aren’t that pristine, are you, Aisha? Our contacts found this from monitoring the Hellas Imperial mainframe. I think that’s you isn’t it?” Sands shoved a still, a compromising screen shot from the movie that she had made with Cam at Nikos’ request, “I imagine that your daddy and your husband-to-be, Hafiz, would be none to pleased to have that little bit of buried treasure released throughout the Middle East.”

    Collapse )

    Muse: Sheldon Jeffrey Sands
    Fandom: 'Desperado' / 'Once Upon A Time In Mexico'
    Word Count: 1157
    yes I would

    writers_muses - 47.2.D - Quote

    "We are the people our parents warned us about." - Jimmy Buffett

    Agent Sheldon Jeffrey Sands sat at his laptop perusing the CIA website, gnawing on the end of a pen, wishing that it was a cigarette. Goddamn it, he thought, what he wouldn’t do to have a smoke right about now. Fucking government no smoking regulations! It was enough to give him a migraine headache. He clicked on the pull down menu entitled, ‘I Chose the CIA’

    ‘Oh this ought to be good,” he muttered.

    KATHY — Ops Officer

    I heard about the Agency during a College Career Fair. Although many other positions sounded intriguing, I was drawn to the idea of living overseas and serving as a collector of intelligence. After receiving extensive training, the Agency put their complete trust in me to travel and recruit foreign agents who provide information, carrying out this entire process in a clandestine manner. Dealing with people, operating with so much independence, and relying on my own street smarts and training to make critical decisions is the ultimate challenge. Every week is different - it can be slow one minute and breakneck speed the next. I've done some thrilling operations that mirror what is seen in the movies, and I feel tremendous pride that I, an average all-American female from an average American family, am the one doing it.

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    Muse: Sheldon Sands
    Fandom: Once Upon a Time In Mexico / Desperado / El Mariachi
    Word Count: 1402

    writers_fen Intro

    My name is Sheldon Jeffery Sands. I work for the Central Intelligence Agency. I throw shapes. I throw shapes, I set them up, I watch them fall. I'm living la vida loca.

    What can I say? I just popped into this little soire' and I am sure more than a few of you are going to want to get to know me, just as much as I can say I know more than a few of you. Yes, it always comes as a surprise when the CIA comes to call. Oh, and one more thing; Uncle Sam is always looking for a few good men...and women, too. So, if any of you are interested, give me a shout.

    Of course, it's only fair to warn you the interview process can be a bit rough...